Website Design

  • Listen first ...

    What do you want your website to be? Do you want your site to be unique, describing what you do and giving people pertinent information about your service and/or product? First things first — what do you like? What draws you into a site to find out more about a company will be a baseline for the elements you will want to include.

  • What do you need?

    If you offer a service, then you will need a website that describes what you do and for whom. Plus, you can make it a landing platform to link to when you are offering information from your social media feeds. If you offer a product, then e-commerce is your connection to customers. We will discuss the options to find out what is best for your business. You website is your online identity!

  • Make a plan

    If you don’t have a plan and you just launch a website that does not have a goal, it will easily get overlooked — by you and by your potential customers. And a website is not the “end all” — just because you have one, it does not mean that customers are going to be knocking down your door.  A website is only as good as its content and ongoing efforts to “market” it to the people you want to have has customers. Lets talk and find out what will work best for you!