• Listen first ...

    What have you done in regards to marketing your business? What has worked, what hasn’t?  Yes, we will start with these types of questions. This type of discussion will help determine where we should start. “Marketing” is a conversation. It’s being able to succinctly describe your business (services, products, etc.) in many different platforms so you can reach as many prospective customers as possible — and then tell them why they should choose you!

  • What do you need?

    That’s right … what do you need?  Social media, local advertising, offers, direct mail, etc.? There are so many different ways to market your business these days. You can get carried away on a wave of “provider overload”!  Perhaps you decided that more is better and have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars – but have you gotten the results you hoped for? The results you needed? If not, lets step back and measure what worked and what didn’t; determine what can be improved and what needs to go. We will track returns, tweak the plan, run it again, until we find what works best — for you!

  • Make a plan ...

    Lets brainstorm! Any idea deserves to be written down. Thinking about creative ways to market your business – grow your customer base – is exciting! Now, overlay your goals, business plan, budget, staff — what looks like it might work? Okay, now start making the “plan”. It can always be tweaked, it’s not written in stone. But it is a plan, a place to start. Track the results, do some tweaking, and start again!