Graphic Design

  • Listen first ...

    Yes, again before we start your Graphic Design project, I’ll listen. If you have done something in the past, I want to hear about it, and maybe even see it. I’ll want to know what colors, images, design styles come to mind when you think about your company. I’ll want to know what you don’t like as well. All of this helps to give me an idea of where I should focus as I think about concepts.

  • What do you need?

    Do you need a logo, business cards, flyers, posters, interior or exterior signs, brochures, apparel, postcards, forms, manuals, maps, etc.? Mighty Good Media can provide graphic design services for all of these and more! We look forward to getting your message out in various forms — and keeping your “signature” and message clear and concise. And fun!

  • Make a plan ...

    Depending on your project, we will make the time to make a plan so everything we do will be within your budget. To the best of our ability, there will be no surprises, up charges or delays. We will work with you to set deadlines so there is plenty of time for you to review proofs, make changes and still have the opportunity to have your completed project done on time and within budget.