30 Successful Founders Share Their Top Productivity Tips


January 24, 2018
Nina Pipkin, Entrepreneur Staff

We all wish we had more hours in the day. We may feel unmoored by not being able to finish everything on our plates, but it’s important to remember that everyone experiences this, even the most successful entrepreneurs. Gain mastery over your time! Check out this slideshow.

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Setting Goals & Reminders

How important is it to set goals for your business, for your life?

It can be overwhelming. Lists get longer. Completion rates diminish as distractions and urgent issues take over the day. But somehow, having a fall back list can be comforting. There is always something to come “home” to. It doesn’t need to be perfect — just a snapshot of ideas and yes, even goals. A reminder of why you even started down the path of starting your own business. And there is lots of satisfaction to checking off items. I like to keep my completed items on my list, checked off, so I can review on those days when I need encouragement that I am actually moving forward!